Welcome to Oz One Hotel

Welcome to Oz One Hotel! Ozone Hotels

There are plenty of good hotel holiday accommodation options in Victoria, whether in Melbourne, on Phillip Island, Bass Coast, Kingscote, Kangaroo Island etc. This website provides relevant links to Oz hotels and information services to help you plan your stay. Victoria has so much to offer the holidaymaker, make sure that you find a hotel to stay where you can appreciate what the garden state has to offer such as the Great Ocean Road (check out http://www.lorne.com.au for more info)


Then you can pop over Bass Strait and see Tasmania arriving in the beautiful city of Hobart (www.hobart.com.au)

The other type of accommodation great for familes in particular is a local farm stay.  These can be educational as well as entertaining.

Although only recently launched this site will ultimately provide comprehensive info on Ozone Hotels, hotels in the Bellarine Peninsular, accomodation in Victoria and Tasmania.
This site is a work in progress. Updated regularly by our team of content writers check back soon for latest additions…

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